A More Stable Alternative to Crutches and Knee Scooters

The Steadier Knee Walker

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Do you have any of these problems?
Fractured ankle? Broken foot? Diabetic or pressure wounds? Had surgery? Postoperative lower leg amputation? Non weight bearing on one leg? Afraid of using crutches? Hesitant to use a knee scooter?


The Steadier Knee Walker

No Assembly Needed, Durable frame, Compact folding design and can be adjusted for either leg.

Product Specifications: HCPCS: E0118

  • Body Weight Capacity:
    250 lbs. with BMI of 30 or under
  • Knee Weight Capacity:
    150 lbs.
  • Height Limit:
    4’10” – 6’2″
  • Overall folded dimensions (L x W x H):
    22′ x 8′ x 32′
  • Product Net Weight:
    16 lbs

For use: In home, Orthopedic Hospitals, Inpatient and Sub Acute Rehabilitation Centers, Wound Centers and Physical Therapy Clinics


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WALKNEELER combines the stability & feel of a standard walker with the functionality of a knee scooter (w. UTILITY PATENT)

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The WALKNEELER is light, durable, and versatile. It can be switched for either leg and adjusted to a person‘s height as well with their knee height. It is lightweight, portable and can be stowed away just like a regular walker. It also promotes normal posture and can be used by the sink, counter, bathroom or anywhere in the house with ease. And when weight bearing is already permitted, it converts back to a regular walker for daily use. Now with the WALKNEELER, there’s a better way of achieving optimal health and better quality of life throughout your recovery.

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