The Problem

Do you have an injury or surgery to your ankle or foot? And are you stuck in a wheelchair and can’t use a walker? Are you unsteady walking and having trouble using crutches or the knee scooter? Or are you a physical therapist who wants your patient to be more confident and independent walking? Are you looking for a device best suited for you…or your patient? Look no further. Here is a BETTER ALTERNATIVE.

The Solution

With the functionality of the WALKNEELER, it speeds up your recovery time and cuts your rehabilitation stay. Generally, an older adult does not have the best balance and having an injury or surgery to their lower leg does not help their condition nor their confidence. With proper training by a licensed physical therapist, WALKNEELER addresses their issues on balance and their restrictions. Thereby building up their confidence so they can perform their daily activities safely and independently.

The Better Mobility Device

The WALKNEELER is light, durable, and versatile. It can be switched for either leg and adjusted to a person‘s height as well with their knee height. It is lightweight, portable and can be stowed away just like a regular walker. It also promotes normal posture and can be used by the sink, counter, bathroom or anywhere in the house with ease. And when weight bearing is already permitted, it converts back to a regular walker for daily use. Now with the WALKNEELER, there’s a better way of achieving optimal health and better quality of life throughout your recovery.

Created by Dr. Rommel Casibang who has more than 20 years of experience in Physical Therapy.

Innovative Thinking

He worked as a physical therapist treating the older population in many different settings including the hospital, rehabilitation centers, home care and outpatient physical therapy. The inspiration to invent this unique device came when over time doing physical therapy, he found out that the older adults are not well adept and accustomed using the knee scooter or the crutches or the i-walk. So he asked the help of a medical engineering design company to conceptualize and develop the first prototype with much consideration to ISO standard for safety and performance. And came about the birth of WALKNEELER.

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